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What is Publish to Photo Frame?

Publish to Photo Frame is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery that makes it easy to copy your photos to a digital photo frame.

Have you got a digital photo frame? Does it use SD cards? Compact Flash? A USB stick? If it doesn't stream photos and movies from your home server, you probably get frustrated loading fresh content onto it.

I did, so I wrote this plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery that makes it easy to resize your photos and copy them to the media used for your digital photo frame.

Using it

Here's how to start publishing your photos to your digital photo frame:

Other Uses

All this plug-in actually does is use Windows Live Photo Gallery's built-in resizing logic, and then copy the resulting files to a defined output directory. It's designed to be used with digital photo frames that use removable media, but it'll also work with digital photo frames that appear as USB mass storage. If you choose the "Original size" option, you can also use it for transferring selected photos to removable media, so that you can take them to your high-street photo print shop.


I've just bought a digital picture frame for my mother (don't worry, she won't be reading CodePlex, so it's not going to ruin the surprise!). It uses an SD card to hold the photos, so I'm going to preload an SD card with some pictures of her grandson. The resolution's only 800 x 600, and it was time-consuming copying and resizing all of the multi-megapixel photos from my collection, so I thought I'd write a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery that resized and copied selected photos to the SD card.


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